Know & Grow
Your Customers
Know Me First
Our customer engagement tools help you reach the right audiences
at the right time
over the right channels
with the right message
Connect, Engage & Influence
  1. Our Point of View
    We believe in sticky relationships. It's all about customer lifetime value. We believe in insights and influence science. Targeted, valuable & rewarded interactions. We believe in improving on episodic interactions. Personally connect, retain and grow over time. We believe in great customer experiences. Always practice service recovery - in real-time.
  2. Our Pick & Choose Platform
    Our world-class nGenius platform was built from the ground up to provide comprehensive solutions that can be integrated as a set or implemented one at a time. Whether you start with one solution, two solutions or more, our proven technologies, methodologies, and strong collaborative approach will meet your goals today and tomorrow. What's our secret to leading the pack? Our value-based platforms and market-leading expertise. Simply put, we are committed to increasing your revenue, building your brand loyalty & changing outcomes.
  3. Our Expert Team
    Rain Nation's professionals have deep expertise in strategy, implementation and management of some of the world's largest and most successful acquisition, experience, engagement and loyalty solutions. From top health care systems to Fortune 100 companies, our skilled teams operate at the forefront of emerging products, services and technology. We are customer-oriented and work hard every day to ensure we deliver the right solutions to influence customer behaviors and grow our clients' businesses and brands.